I'm a frontend engineer, with a passion for building things with React .

I started my journey into the world of tech at the National University of Colombia, where I studied Systems Engineering with an emphasis in Networking. While I didn't complete my degree, I gained valuable knowledge in OOP, FP, data structures, and compilers, which has helped me in my career.

I soon realized that frontend development was where my true passion lay, so I decided to focus on learning everything related to this field. I used a roadmap to track the topics I needed to learn, and after almost three months of hard work, I became proficient in everything from HTML to ReactJS. In May 2019, I landed my first job as a software engineer at Fluid Attacks.

Like many people, I encountered challenges along the way. Some things didn't click immediately, and sometimes I forgot something I had learned a week before. There were also times when the topics were simply too difficult to wrap my head around. If you're going through the same thing, I highly recommend this course that gave me powerful tools to improve my learning ability. And the best thing? It's freemium, so you can start learning today!

Overall, I'm passionate about building intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, and I love using my skills to help businesses achieve their goals. If you're looking for a frontend engineer who's dedicated, hardworking, and always looking to improve, let's chat!